Enjoying My Move

I still remember the day my boss asked me to move to Europe. I was nervous, but at the same time, I was really excited to embark on a new adventure. Unfortunately, before I could start tasting new foods and meeting new people, I would need to pack up my belongings and make the trek to a new country. Fortunately, I worked with a moving company that reduced my stress load. This blog is all about working with professionals to relocate internationally. Check out these articles to find tips, tricks, and solutions to everyday moving problems--so that you can enjoy your next move.

During & After the Move: How to Make Life Less Stressful & More Enjoyable for the Whole Family


Although the process does offer some excitement and intrigue, moving tends to be one of the most stressful experiences humans experience. Combining the unknown with the process of planning, packing, and physically moving can quickly overwhelm the senses, especially if you're planning a move overseas. But there are some things you can do to make your overseas move less stressful and more enjoyable for the entire family. Consider implementing these tips and tricks:

Make an Exciting Game out of Packing

Nobody likes to pack their stuff for a move no matter how motivated they are to get the process over with, but you can save yourself some money and give yourself some peace of mind by packing your own personal belongings and leaving the basic stuff, like furniture and household accessories, to the movers. This will provide you with some manpower for the heavy and mundane stuff while ensuring that you know exactly where your valuable belongings are, how they've been packed, and how they'll be found when you unpack at your new house.

When it comes to packing the personal stuff, make a game out of it for the kids so they're more likely to pack their own things without a lot of complaining. Having fun while you pack will keep the edge off the nerves of adults in the family, which makes it easier for everyone to effectively communicate about the move overall. There are several ways to incorporate play into your packing regimen such as:

  • Choose a type of item for everyone to pack and have them go on a scavenger hunt to see who the first to fill their boxes with their assigned items is. Whoever wins gets to choose an activity to do while taking a break from packing.
  • Play 20 questions while packing boxes and create themes for the game that correspond to your move. For example, everyone can take turns trying to guess what each other is most looking forward to exploring within their new community.
  • Color code your boxes so it is easier to determine what's inside each one when it is time to unpack them by using stencils to paint or color designs on the boxes as a family project. The designs should correspond with what's in each box. For example, kitchenware boxes can be designed with teapot stencils.

These ideas will make packing fun without interfering with the actual packing process too much. You'll find that it's easier to slow down and maintain some patience when packing with kids if the process is made fun.

Create an Activity Schedule for After the Move

Once your family gets settled into your new home, it will be important to get to know your new community as soon as possible so everyone can establish some support and roots in the area. Helping the kids make new friends quickly will make adjusting to school easier, and getting to know other parents within your community will provide you with support and camaraderie you can use to solidify your new lifestyle.

So take the time to create an activity schedule that everyone can indulge in soon after your arrival, which will make it easier for everyone to get started with their new lifestyles and engage with local cultures. Find play groups in the area for the kids, schedule trips to community museums and libraries, and plan picnics in your local park. For some personal integration support consider heading to a reading group, joining a pottery class, or participating in a yoga or meditation group.

These steps will take some of the pressure off of your move and help keep your family on an even keel as you communicate and work together to safely get to your new home. 

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29 September 2015