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Use These Ideas To Add More Storage Solutions To Your RV


Owning an RV gives you the ability to spend weeks or even months away from home, touring the country, and taking in the sights. However, the longer that you're on the road, the more things you may want to pack for your journey, and this can be an issue if your packing list exceeds the vehicle's available storage. Fortunately, you don't have to opt for cutting down on the list of the items with which you wish to travel. Instead, you can add more RV storage in a variety of simple ways. Doing so can help you feel more comfortable in the vehicle, and make it feel even more like a home away from home. Here are some storage solutions to explore.

Telescoping Rods

Telescoping rods are handy to buy before your next RV trip. A telescoping rod can fluctuate in length, due to its telescoping nature, and because of its sticky tips, it can be mounted easily in a variety of locations. For example, you can easily place a telescoping rod from one side wall to the other side wall of your RV, and then hang clothing on hangers along the length of the rod. This is handy if you've just been swimming, for example, or if you're done some laundry at a laundromat and wish to air dry your clothing. When the items are dry, you can simply shorten up the rod and set it out of the way.


Mounting a piece of pegboard to an open wall inside your RV gives you the ability to easily store a variety of small items in what would otherwise be unused space. Home supply and home organization retailers sell a seemingly endless array of storage bins and containers that mount to a pegboard. This means that you can store a broad selection of small items on the pegboard instead of devote space in your RV's drawers or shelves to them.

Self-Adhesive Hooks And Holders

It's also useful to explore the wide range of self-adhesive hooks and holders that are available in your local general merchandise stores. These products have a sticky back that allows you to mount them to many different surfaces. Although you might initially feel resistant to adorning your RV in this manner, doing so will provide dedicated homes to many small items, which will help you store more things effectively and keep better organized. For example, a series of small hooks can hold your keys, sunglasses, hat, and purse.


27 June 2017