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Tips For Moving Your Hot Tub From One House To Another


If you love your hot tub and want to move it with your family to your new home, then these tips will make the project go smoothly.

Tip: Know Your Opponent and Plan Accordingly

Hot tubs are not only really bulky to move, but they are also very heavy. If you have never moved one, then you might believe that you and a few strong friends should be able to pick it up and place it in the moving truck. Nothing could be further from the truth.

When moving your hot tub, you need to rent a special two-part dolly you will place under the front and back of it. If you rent a hot tub dolly, then you and a friend or two will be able to move it. If you don't rent a dolly, then the task will be very difficult

Tip: Disconnect and Drain Your Hot Tub

To prepare your hot tub for moving, first, kill the power to it at the breaker panel. Disconnect the power connections from the spa itself and store them for after the move. Once the electrical connection is disconnected, then slowly drain the hot tub without excessively flooding your yard. 

Tip: Tie Down the Hot Tub in Your Moving Truck Still on Its Moving Dolly

Rather than taking it off the dolly and having to put it back on at your new house, instead, place the spa still on the dolly in one of the back corners of your moving truck, cover it with a moving blanket, and tie it securely in place.

Tip: Decide Where to Place the Hot Tub and Prepare the Space

Once your hot tub arrives at your new home, you need to have a place prepared to put it. If you are struggling with trying to decide where to put the spa, ask yourself how your family uses it. Do you often host parties and want the hot tub to be the center of attention? If so, then putting it in the middle of your yard is the best location. 

Do you use your spa for physical therapy or quiet time with your spouse? If so, then put it near your home where it will be secluded from your neighbors' view.

Tip: Consider Having Your Hot Tub Professionally Moved

Finally, if moving your hot tub seems like it will be too big of a project for you to handle the help you have available, then you can always have it professionally moved by either a moving company or a pool and spa business. For the couple hundred dollars that you will probably pay for the move, you will free up a lot of your time and save your back some pain.

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15 June 2018